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Target Audience Guide:

– Student

T – Trainee

C – Consultant

Our webinars are CPD accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons England.

STARSurg GRANULE: GeneRAtiNg stUdent rEcruiters for randomised trials


DATE: 19th November – 18:30 – 20:00

This short introductory hands-on course is designed to equip individuals with knowledge and insight into the common sources of difficulties when inviting patients to participate in randomised trials, and ways to mitigate these. Attendees will have the opportunity to implement tips and strategies with regards to conveying clinical equipoise, explaining randomisation and engaging with patient preferences, to be better equipped to recruit patients to randomised trials. GRANULE has been developed by a collaboration of Student Audit & Research in Surgery (STARSurg), the University of Birmingham, the University of Bristol’s QuinteT team, the former Bristol MRC ConDuCT-II Hub, and the Bowel Disease Research Foundation.

The Royal College of Surgeons has awarded 1.5 CPD points for this webinar.

Ask the Editors


DATE: 23rd November, 19:00 – 20:00

  • This webinar will allow you to hear from the editors of top research journals, including the Lancet and BJS. You will gain insight into what makes a successful manuscript and maximise your academic chances of success!
The Royal College of Surgeons has awarded 1 CPD point for this webinar.

Efficient Clinical Trials


DATE: 1st December, 18:30 – 20:00

  • Introduction to pragmatic trials and integrated oral consent
  • Statistical considerations, why endpoints and sample size are so important
  • The REaCT-RETT trial. A practical example of a pragmatic trial
  • Why not thinking about how we do our trials leads to research waste
The Royal College of Surgeons has awarded 1.5 CPD points for this webinar.

Tomorrow's Leaders


DATE: 4th and 11th December

This is a two part workshop led and hosted by the NIHR. It is aimed at surgical trainees and early years consultants within 5 years of CCT with an interest in oncology. The workshop is designed to equip the next generations of surgeons with the skills and tools needed to recruit to, and lead NIHR portfolio studies. Sessions will focus on topics such as New Trainee initiatives, accessing CRN Support and will also include Breakout Sessions led by the NCRI Research Groups.

The Royal College of Surgeons has awarded 1.5 CPD points for this webinar.

Collaborative Research Symposium


DATE: 7th December, 19:00

Oral presentations from the best collaborative work completed in the last year.

Research Red Tape: What can we learn from undertaking research in a pandemic?


DATE: 10th December, 18:30

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges to how we work as clinicians, and how research is undertaken. Join this webinar to hear what we can learn from the two of the biggest studies of the pandemic: RECOVERY and COVIDSurg.
The Royal College of Surgeons has awarded 1.5 CPD points for this webinar.